Jacqui Jones is a graduate artist whose work responds to a variety of environmental, health and heritage concepts. She creates art objects and installations that consider these themes in ways that are powerful and thought provoking. Jacqui frequently uses unusual materials to raise awareness of our relationship with the natural world. Following a recent research project at the University of East Anglia Jacqui has been utilizing the creative potential of biodegradable plastics in combination with conventional plastics. Her work takes the form of sculptural pieces, performance, photography and installation and is located both in galleries and site specifically. Often the work incorporate aspects in which the public can take part.




A Bag for Life 3
A Bag for Life 2
Changing Places 2
Beyond Portraiture
Presence Brickworks
High Water Mark
Mapping Memories
A Bag for Life
Changing Places 1
Changing Places 4
Beached 2
Beached 1
Simple Joys
Changing Places 3
Presence Slate Mine